Research Projects


Internal Funded Projects

Total Funding: $2.95millions

Project Title ​Principal Investigator​​ Funding Agency​​
​Near-Field Nano-Imaging of Plasmonic Topological Insulators In The Visible And Near-Infrared ​Wang Qijie (Assoc Prof) ​NTU​​
Development of Passively Mode Locked Ceramic Thin-Disk Lasers With High Average Power And Sub-100fs Pulse Width​ ​Tang Dingyuan (Assoc Prof) ​NTU​​
Fabrication of Yb-doped Lu2O3 Laser Ceramics for Kilowatt Average Power Femtosecond Thin-disk Laser Application​ Tang Dingyuan (Assoc Prof)​ ​NTU​​
High Temperature Operation Of THz Quantum Cascade Lasers​ ​Wang Qijie (Assoc Prof) ​NTU​​
Transformation Optics for Low-loss Plasmonic Circuitry ​Luo Yu (Asst Prof) NTU​​
Non-Invasive Optical Focusing into Deep Tissues: The Future of Full Body Imaging and Manipulating by Light​ ​Cuong Dang (Asst Prof) ​NTU​

Towards a Reliable High Performance QD Mid-infrared Laser

Tang Xiaohong (Assoc Prof) ​NTU
​Pathogenic Bacteria Bio-optical Sensors for Food Safety Testing ​Ng Beng Koon (Assoc Prof) ​NTU​

 Photonic Integrated Device and Continuous-variable Quantum Key Distribution

Liu Ai Qun (Prof)

 Quantum Engineering & Science

​Liu Ai Qun (Prof)
Super-resolution Optical Imaging and Solid-state EUV Light Sources Using Plasmonic Quantum Effects
Luo Yu (Asst Prof) ​NTU
High Density Metallic Nanostructures For Ultrasensitive Biochemical Sensing​
Zhang Dao Hua (Prof)​ ​NTU
​Joint Collaboration between NTU and Thales. Tjin Swee Chuan (Prof)​ ​NTU

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